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Diary Delights Presents Lulu's Boutique

I am thrilled to finally get my hands on my first Lulus Boutique Jute Shopper bag; I have been desperate to tell you all about this brand for quite some time now, so I am very excited to finally be doing so.  

The creator of Lulus Boutique is the lovely Lucy, a full-time mother and housewife who I was lucky enough to have a chat with despite her busy schedule. Based in West Yorkshire, Lucy told me how she has always had a passion for drawing and being creative and her talent is clearly demonstrated through her amazing work. Although very dedicated to her role as a mother and wife, Lucy became eager to find a career doing something that she enjoyed, so with her love for fashion and drawing combined; Lulus Boutique began to blossom. 

Each design is a unique item, each being hand drawn, painted and then personalised with some gorgeous finishing touches. I loved the high quality of service you receive as Lucy pays great attention to the detail of each and every design; from glitter to sparkles to bows or as you desire. These are definitely a great bold statement piece that would give any outfit that extra quirky edge and of course they are simply so much fun for anyone of any age. They definitely would make you stand out from the crowd and are perfect for summer too, I will definitely be using mine ALL the time!

For more information on Lulu's Boutique Bags click  here 

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  1. ooo does she do these via ebay do you know?? My mum has one and it looks really similar - I want one so badly, they're so glam and trendy! I keep forgetting to order one, really need to get round to it :)
    Love Holz oxo