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Michael Van Clarke 3" More Inches Lifesaver Spray Review

So here we have it, yet another rave about the Micheal Van Clarke 3" more inches range. Ever since learning about the damage that silicone can do to your hair, I have tried to eradicate it from my hair care routine completely. It has actually proven quite difficult to find many products and brands that don't use silicones and so that's why Michael Van Clarke 3" More Inches range has remained my haircare brand of choice.

My latest addition and love is the Michael Van Clarke 3" More Inches Lifesaver Spray*. It is a great 
styling treatment, which has added UV Protection and also acts as a leave in conditioner. I have been using it religiously after every wash to protect my hair from heat styling and also to help nourish and smooth the hair. I have really been enjoying the fact that this is such a multi purpose product, which does not weigh down the hair and when used there really is no need to use anything else meaning there's no product buildup! Like the rest of the 3MI range the Lifesaver spray also slows down the ageing process whilst repairing any broken bonds to keep your hair young and supple.

The Michael Van Clarke 3" More Inches Lifesaver Spray retails at £19.50 and is available online here and also in Space NK.

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*PR Sample

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