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Hi! I'm Phoebe and this is my very own beauty and lifestyle blog. From a young age, cosmetics and beauty products in general have fascinated me (and ruined my bank account too).
'Diary Delights' has become my very own creative outlet, my online diary where I share with you my best beauty finds, many of my frivolous purchases and of course to pass on advice, tips and reviews on all things beauty and lifestyle related.

Thank you for reading!

Whilst I do accept products from PR agencies and brands, I will only do so if they fit in with the rest of Diary Delights. I often turn down products simply because they don't fit in with the content on my blog. I believe it would be rather transparent if I began to accept things simply to acquire 'freebies' and my blog would quickly become irrelevant. All products mentioned are those which I have chosen to try on my own accord and on the occasions where I do accept items to review; I will always make sure that they are items that I'd be interested in purchasing with my own money. As of December 1st 2012, products marked with a (*) will mean that they are either a PR Sample or have been gifted to me. I hope my readers value and trust all the content on this blog 100% as under no circumstances will I include content that I do not believe in, or say something is fantastic when it clearly isn't. I have nothing to gain by doing so and it simply is not in my nature to be dishonest.

Phoebe x